emotion / know is a project devoted to exploring the intersection of artificial and emotional intelligence.

I started this project when I realized that I needed more help in¬†understanding and regulating my own emotional life and in understanding others’ emotions and thoughts. It was motivated by a series of crises that occurred in my personal life. I became interested in how artificial intelligence could be used to support and promote emotional wellness and mental health. This led me to a more broad interest in equipping artificial intelligence systems with emotional intelligence, as well as in digital interventions that help people improve their mental health.

Professionally, I am trained and work as a data scientist. I hold a PhD in Research Methods and Statistics from the University of Denver, a master’s in statistics from Stanford University, and an undergraduate degree in economics and philosophy, also from Stanford. I have worked in a variety of fields including enterprise software development, professional blogging, and math teaching.¬†In my personal life I am a mother of three living in sunny Denver, Colorado.